3 Motor

6 Differential

Mecanum Drive

Working with Joshua Peterson, I created a video using footage he shot and animations I created to showcase his innovative design.​

Created with Blender & Kdenlive.


Project Summary

Joshua Peterson designed a unique, new way of driving the wheels of a mecanum drivetrain by using six differentials to transfer and transform the power from only three motors to all four wheels. He wanted to create a video showcasing the project, so we worked together to produce a video combining animation and live footage. Since he is based out of Michigan and I am in Seattle, we completed the project entirely remotely:

  • He designed, built, and programmed the robot

  • He shot live footage for the video

  • I created 3D animations using his CAD model

  • I assembled the footage and animations using Kdenlive


The end product is an amazing video showcasing an incredible feat of design and engineering. You can see renders and live photos of the robot below.