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FTC 12788 2019 ROBOT

Directed design, engineering, and construction of a Design-award winning FTC robot.

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Image

Project Summary

Over the course of the 2019-2020 FIRST Tech Challenge season, I led both the mechanical and software departments of FTC team 12788. We designed, built, and programmed a robot with a three degrees of freedom arm to compete in the challenge. Out of the 35 teams at our interleague competition, we received the Design award recognizing our design as the best. I oversaw and was involved in the design of all components on the robot. This was the first time in the Garfield Robotics Club’s 10-year history that either of its two teams received the Design award, and it was the first award our newer team has ever received.

You can view the robot's subsystems below.

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Text
FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Work
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