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Sailing Vessel Hoagie Save

SV Hoagie Save

The 2022 UW ASME CADathon featured a prompt about humanity expanding into the oceans in a sustainable way. My response? A Hoagie-saving boat! Wat? Read on...

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Image

Project Summary

The prompt for the 2022 UW ASME CADathon was: With a growing population and rising dangers due to climate change, how can humans sustainably expand into the oceans?

Well, clearly the answer is a sustainable sailing vessel designed to help save Hoagies (yes, those sandwiches)! As human-caused climate change threatens food supply chains and microplastics enter seafood, a serious threat to the availability and safety of Hoagies emerges.

Therefore, I designed a boat that is completely original (and definitely not inspired by the Hobie Wave) named the SV (Sailing Vessel) Hoagie Save. Using sustainable materials like canvas and wood while minimizing the use of metals and plastics, it is a trendsetter in a bold new direction of sustainable transportation.

Note: This was modeled over the course of around 24 hours before the submission deadline between and during lectures, so the list of best practices used is short. Build at your own risk!

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Text
FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Work
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