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FTC 4042 2019 Elevator

Directed complete redesign and rebuild of FTC team 4042's elevator system in only one week.

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Image

Project Summary

FTC Team 4042, having made it to the Washington State Championship by winning the Innovate award, badly needed a new elevator system for their robot. Their existing solution was unreliable, bulky, constantly broke down, and was very difficult to repair. They enlisted me to direct a redesign of the entire system one week before the State competition. I worked for more than 40 hours on the project during that week on top of schoolwork to produce a complete CAD model while managing fabrication and assembly of finished components. The design was ultimately successful: it suffered no failures or issues at the competition and worked exactly as specified and required, even though it was fully created in just one week.

You can view design highlights below.

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Text
FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Work
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