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FTC 12788 2019 Intake

A compact hypothetical intake for FTC team 12788's 2019-2020 season.

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Image

Project Summary

The 12788 robot needed an intake system, but we had prioritized other design tasks for the first part of the year. In the week before winter break, I created this design as a potential solution. While we ultimately chose a different design, I am still very proud of the spatial efficiency of this design. It had to fully fold into a 9" x 3.5" space while also being capable of folding out to accommodate 4" x 8" blocks. It took many scrapped redesigns to package the motors and other mechanical components in a secure and functional way while preserving functionality, but the end result was a model that would have worked if constructed.

You can view the robot's subsystems below.

FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Text
FTC 12788 2019 Robot: Work
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